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Projects implemented from A to Z:

Starting from an idea

We put forward our own suggestions, based on our experience and the current market trends.

Formula development

Thanks to our knowledge and the technologies we use we will match every important parameter to our Customers’ needs.

Packing service

The varied machinery we have enables us to deliver products in all popular formats.

Going through consultancy

At any stage of the project, t we can provide consultancy services to our Customers, based on our experience, the legal regulations and the current market situation.

Packaging design

Our creative team is capable of executing the most demanding packaging designs. We offer support in the area of packaging, labelling and stands (consultancy and design).

Resulting in ready-made products

The result of our work is a product that is ready to be sold and fully compliant with the Customer’s order.

How do we do it?

All our experience and knowledge, together with our technical facilities and our talented and passionate R&D team are at your disposal.

Formula development

Technical facilities (including the stage of manufacture)

Technological and legal consultancy

Support in the area of labelling and packaging (consultancy and design)

Comprehensive packaging


What kinds of products do we offer?

  • superfoods
  • smoothies
  • shakes
  • porridge
  • ready-made groats-, rice- and pasta-based meals
  • soups
  • desserts
  • children’s meals, teas
  • multi-ingredient seasoning
  • fruit and vegetable in various sizes and shapes
  • mixes
  • designs acc. to the customer’s needs
  • INNOVATIVE individual concepts

The comprehensive service offered by InEativena is executed exclusively on the basis of our own ingredients. We do not offer a co-packing service alone.

Which methods of packing do we offer?

Packaging is available in many different options, depending on the requirements of our customers. We offer the option of adding euro hangers and ziplock closures. The packaging can be matt or glossy; it can have a transparent window displaying the contents. We also prepare graphic designs for packaging

3 steps to mutual success

Relationships & people.

Describe your vision to us

Give us your design, describe its potential and your needs.

A fully customized offer

On the basis of the brief, we will prepare a comprehensive plan of action together with a cost analysis and confirm the timing of individual processes.

Getting started

After signing an agreement our R&D team and our partners will implement your project skilfully and in compliance with your expectations.

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